The great reforms were took place under the enlighten vision of President AFBI Dr. Tahir Mehmood that free Kidney Dialysis Centre of AFBI shifted in new purpose build section of new hospital building with all modern facilities. In which high capacity RO plant, 25 new machines with Mixture machines, Air conditions, Security Cams, Sound system and all modern medical equipments were installed and now working. Three separate Dialysis wards are established for Hepatitis C +ve, Hepatitis B +ve and Hepatitis –ve with all transformation security measures. All paramedical and medical strictly bound to abide international parameters for medical services provided by AFBI.

Emergency Services:

AFBI also played active role in emergency with the help of active donors and collaborative NGO’s like DIA foundation, MESP, G77 and friends.

Earthquake 2019 in Mirpur City:

In 2019 5.5 magnitude earthquake stroked to Mirpur city and Northern lower part o city strongly affected by this quiver. AFBI provided cooked food, 5180×1 Ltr mineral water and medicines to earthquake effectives. Two complete new build houses handed over to house loss earthquake effectives. Construction material like cement, Steel and Diar (wood) windows also provided to house losers to rebuild their houses.


The environment cell of AFBI Green and Clean 77 efficiently working in two projects solid waste management and planting trees targeted to green world 2013. Green and clean has start working in 2019 planting the trees and delivering the seedlings of trees to general public with awareness of green house effect. Every year C & G 77 promotes to season of planting moon soon and spring. Above 2000 trees planted in city of Mirpur and its country sides. Solid waste management plant is in process to convert solid waste into use full material.

AFBI is nonprofit organization (NGO) working in welfare sector specially in health and concerns with health projects like environment. The main working project of AFBI is free Kidney Dialysis Centre in Div. HQ teaching hospital Mirpur which is joint venture between AJK health department. This is busy centre of Azad Kashmir doing maximum number of kidney dialysis in whole AJK (daily above 40). Kidney Dialysis is very expensive procedure for patients and AFBI is affording all expenses but paying services for patients free of cost not only in dialysis of routine registered patients also deals acute emergencies for local and surroundings districts. AFBI believes on green and save world for generations. Clean and Green project of AFBI is envisioned as naturally green planted cities for best living. AFBI working in plantation and waste management also.

Step By Step AFBI

Anjuman Falah o Behbood e Insaniat (AFBI) traces its history back to the year 2002 when its organization committee title with CAP, starts free Kidney Dialysis in small single room with four Dialysis machines. This centre came in to being with very strong efforts of renowned persons of DHQ management, District management and AK/UK nationals’ business philanthropist. High profile private sectors doctors also perform a strong rule in organizing and managing the CAP (the birth committee of AFBI). The first governing body of CAP was composed by above mentioned public, private group.

CAP was formed at 08 November 2002.Noor Foundation (NGO) which was already working for establishing Dialysis Centre in various cities of Pakistan approached CAP for collaboration. This Financial and Technical support was blessing opportunity for CAP. Started working under umbrella of Noor Foundation 08, March 2003. The time came when governing body feel it essential to convert CAP in to independent NGO. NGO formed and starts working independently with the registration of government authority in title with Anjuman Falah O Behbood E Insaniat at 24th March 2003. That time 07 Dialysis machines and a small water treatment plants. In 2013, water treatment plants replaced with large capacity unit. Another audition in 2017, through PRIME MINISTER PAKISTAN PROGRAME, 10 machines was installed in free Kidney Dialysis Centre Mirpur working under AFBI.

Rashan distributions for labor of lockdown effectives:

AFBI provide 500 rashan bags for COVID-19 lockdown effective’s labor door to door. Each bag contains one month grocery (rashan) of five member family.

Upcoming plans:

AFBI visions to upgrade kidney dialysis centre with kidney transplant centre. Registration of AFBI in U.K as charity is in process. We are improving our membership process with latest IT techniques to increase national and international donors. We are planning to improve for separate media cell for awareness campaign.


In emergency of COVID-19 AFBI donate medical equipment to Div HQ teaching hospital Mirpur and other hospitals. Following list are provided to Div. HQ teaching hospital Mirpur.

Sr. No Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Ventilators with Compressors / Double flow Regulator 2
2 Ventilators with Compressors 2
3 Portable X-ray Machine 1
4 Color Dopler 1
5 ABG Machine 1
6 Anesthesia Machine  Work Station 1
7 CR with Fuji Printer 2 new batteries + Work Station 1
8 PPE Kits 956
9 Face Shields 130
10 Ambo Bag 6
11 Rebreathing Bag 25
12 Oxygen Concentrator 8
13 Nasal Canola’s 100
14 Oxygen Mask 100
15 Nebulizer Kit 80
16 Nebulizer Machine 10
17 Pulse Oximeter 18
18 Long Shoes 150 Pairs
19 Goggles 290
20 H 110 Masks 300
21 Shoe Covers 200
22 N-95 Mask 40
23 Cardiac Defibrillator 1
24 Air purifiers with Hepa filters 4
25 2.1CH Multimedia Speaker sound system for recitation of Quran in medical wards 1
26 C-PAP Mask Silicon Made by USA 03
27 C-PAP Mask Made by CHINA 05
28 Rebreathing Bag Black Rubber 2 Liters 10

More ever AFBI also took extra preventive measure with equipment for its free kidney Dialysis Centre, in which number of masks, sanitizers provided to patients and their attendants. Hepafilters (Air purified) and walk through gate installed in centre. Waiting rooms are spreads wider for keeping distance.