An estimated 25 million people suffer from chronic kidney disease and are in need of dialysis treatment. This major health crisis continuously increase due to unsafe drinking water, unhealthy diet, environmental pollution, and due to the high blood pressure and diabetes. Many patients struggle to find quality treatment but due to high costs and poorly equipped public hospitals. This results in long waiting lists for dialysis treatment, which can be a cause of death. An estimated 20,000 people die from chronic kidney disease (CKD) each year.

AFBI Kidney Dialysis Centre took the initiative to save human’s life. Our goal is to provide free and high quality dialysis treatment. AFBI Kidney Dialysis Centre’s Free Dialysis Initiative offers a ray of hope to underprivileged patients whose will to fight back is dampened, not by the disease, but by the sense of despair in view of the costly treatment they continuously need for their survival. It is the best initiative took by the AFBI Kidney Dialysis Centre comprises with the extensive range of specialities, advanced diagnostics technologies and outstanding healthcare facilities.

The dialysis centre has hemodialysis stations having a dialysis with electronically attached patient beds. it offer the service of highly trained and expert teams. they are professional in their work and have many specialities. They provide efficient medical care with latest technologies and treatments. Now, the poor and middle-income families can also can also have treatment.

In addition to providing outstanding medical care, we are committed to advancing knowledge of kidney disease and its treatment through science, discovery, and innovation.