Governing Body of AFBI

Rafey Saleem

(Vice President)

Ch. Allah Ditta

(Vice President)

Sajid Hameed

(General Secretary)

Zulfiqar Ch.

(Assistant Secretary)

Ch. Mushtaq

(Secretary Finance)

Junaid Ansari

(Media Secretary)


Dr. Tahir Mehmood

President Anjuman Falah o Bahbood e Insaniat
Sarparast E Aala, Aagahi Kidney Dialysis Centre
Mirpur Divisional Teaching Hospital.

Message from President:

Kidney Dialysis Centre is a renowned institution that works with the cooperation of human welfare organisation where a large number of people get dialysis treatment free of cost on the daily basis.

Kidney Dialysis Centre organises seminars,walks and different events in order to bring awareness about controlling this dangerous disease with the help of what general public gets awareness of this disease. All with such initiatives young generation will come to know about menace of this disease and with your support and cooperation we will be able to get rid of this disease stay blessed.

Message from Vice President:

Mirpur Kidney Dialysis Centre is a gift from peoples of Mirpur and those living abroad, value of which can only be understood by those whose loving ones are badly suffered from such suffering.

This disease brings a whole family of the affected patient into mental stress and results in economic instability. Cure is the only hope for dialysis patient. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY help us in getting rid of this disease.


Rafey Saleem

Vice President Anjuman Falah o Bahbood e Insaniat
Sarparast E Aala, Aagahi Kidney Dialysis Centre.

Dr. Farooq Ahmed Noor

Medical Superintendent
Mirpur Divisional Teaching Hospital.

Message from Medical Superintendent:

Mirpur Dialysis Centre situated in teaching hospital is one of its own kind of institution providing free of cost emergency services is a landmark performance of administration of kidney dialysis centre A new under construction building which is about to complete its construction process will be given under the custody of administration of the leisure centre in this building hepatitis B patient will be having a special ward for treatment.

The centre will be state of the art with special interst of  AJK Prime Minister and the health Minister. World Kidney day is celebrated to show solidarity with the patience of kidney all around the world. Administration of kidney dialysis centre is organising a special walk for bringing awareness about this disease that will help people to understand the complications associated with this disease and will also help them to know about precautionary measures necessary to be taken to overcome this disease.

May ALLAH ALMIGHTY help us to serve the patients of dialysis more (AMEEN).

Message from Head of Department:

Mirpur Kidney Dialysis Centre is the largest institution of AJK that helps him curing different diseases of kidney. Diseases related to kidney are growing day by day. Purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness in general public about different diseases like Diabetes blood pressure inflammation of kidneys unnecessary use of different medicines that effect badly working of kidneys, and also to bring awareness about importance of cure. Which may result in reducing the number of kidney failures, because different treatment after Kidney failure are Highly expensive.

Government and human welfare organisation are putting special efforts for providing proper treatment to patients who are totally dependent upon dialysis. To Provide all the fundamental facilities of this expensive treatment we need your support. Purpose of awareness work please to bring awareness among the general Public.


Dr. Shehzad Ahmed Sheikh

Assistant Professor Nephrology,
Head of Kidney Dialysis Dept.
Director Aagahi Committee, Kidney Dialysis Centre
Divisional Head Quarter Teaching Hospital Mirpur